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Telescopic Tower Enterprises | About Us

Telescopic Tower Enterprises Pty Ltd was formed in 2005 to be the Australian and New Zealand regional dealer for the Terex Utilities range of truck mounted insulated Aerial Devices (EWPs or Cherry Pickers) as well as Pole Borers (also know as Digger Derricks, Crane Borers or simply Diggers) and Cable Placers.

In April 2013, Telescopic Towers was acquired by Varley Group, Australia’s largest and premier builder of specialised vehicles. The Varley Group formed in 1886, and following an in-depth extended visit to the Terex Utilities facility in South Dakota it became immediately apparent that the Terex Distributorship fitted ideally with the scope of work currently provided by the Varley Group.

Both Terex Utilities and Telescopic Towers (Varley Group) recognised the need for such units to meet the growing demand from utility companies and contractors to service the expanding power networks and mine operations.

Terex Utilities is part of the huge global Terex organisation and in dedicated factories produces thousands of these units each year for use throughout the globe.

Australia is the beneficiary of this high production, able to produce EWPs and Pole Borers on short order and delivery times at competitive prices.

Terex are focused on producing quality capital equipment that delivers the productivity, return on investment and cost effectiveness that today’s value conscious customer’s demand. Their extensive range of machinery is highly respected throughout the world and their track record for reliability is second to none.  Terex Telelect is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Telescopic Towers supplies all units certified to Australian Standards and fully tested.

To read more about the Varley Group of companies, please visit our website here.